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Hello, I'm Dennis Richards, a passionate and results-driven Business Intelligence (BI) professional based in Nampa, Idaho. Originally from Southern California, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and creative problem-solving to the world of BI. While my career began with a foundation in software development, my main interest is the changing landscape of business intelligence, where I have explored many jobs in diverse industries, always looking for new challenges.

My journey started as a report developer, and over time, I transitioned into diverse BI roles across Manufacturing, Mortgage Lending, Banking, and Healthcare. Currently specializing in ETL development in healthcare, I hold multiple EPIC certifications, reflecting my commitment to excellence in this field.

Whether it's optimizing solutions or unraveling complex problems, I thrive on making meaningful contributions. The longer I am engaged in a role, the more improvements I can implement. Explore my LinkedIn profile for a detailed work history.


Data Analysis

  • Data discovery

  • Workflow analysis

  • Data transformation

  • Ad-hoc data request development

Data Warehouse Development

  • Fact, dimension, bridge table development

  • Impact analysis on changes to tables

  • Data lineage documentation

  • Table load optimization and debugging

Report Development

  • Paginated dashboard, spreadsheet, or workflow report development

  • Automated report development using PowerQuery (Excel) or SSRS reports

  • Report optimization and debugging

ETL Development

  • Flat file extracts and exports

  • External tables (Polybase) and SSIS (with C#) development for remote data access

  • Data transformation

  • DataMart development

  • Parallel and sequential SQL Agent table loads

  • Impact analysis on changes to tables

  • Data lineage documentation

  • Table load optimization and debugging

Server Configuration

  • User access and data segregation

  • Custom database/schema objects for data segregation

  • Custom roles for database/schema/report object access

  • Service accounts for ETL and SSRS data segregation propagation

  • Encryption at rest

  • Encrypting data in transit

  • Encrypted credentials


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(208) 405-9864


  • LinkedIn
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